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12 April 2016

The ICNS12 conference is held at Strasbourg Convention Center
Located at the junction of France’s North-South and East-West high-speed rail lines, close to 4 international airports, and on the banks of Europe’s main commercial waterway.


10 minutes by tramway from the center of the city. Trams are running every 10 minutes. 15 to 20 minutes from the Central Railway Station (connection with Strasbourg Airport and fast train to Paris)
Tramway: lines B and E - Wacken tram stop

Due to the generosity of the City of Strasbourg, every paid attendee will be issued a public transport pass (also called “Sympopass”) to allow complimentary, unlimited use of both tramway and buses of Strasbourg’s public transport network during the ICNS 12.
Please note that ’sympopass’ are only garanteed for arrival on the 24th of July

Strasbourg’s accessibility facilitates exchanges and meetings, boosting business.

By train
Regular daily direct connections from Paris and major cities in France (15 Paris-Strasbourg round trips daily, 7 Strasbourg- Lyon, etc.)


By plane
Strasbourg-Entzheim international airport is just 10 km away from the city centre. There are also up to 4 shuttle trains an hour linking the airport to Strasbourg train station, with a journey time of 9 minutes.

Information: International Airport on +33 (0)3 88 64 67 67 or

Shuttles : Daily shuttles leave from the TGV rail station and the Hilton hotel (opposite to the Convention Center)


Tourism Office

Visa assistance

Citizen having passports from certain countries need a visa to enter France. If you need any assistance to obtain your visa, please contact us as soon as possible (indicate your address, date and place of birth, your passport number and date of expiration).

By email:

All letters of invitation will be sent by airmail and by PDF e-mail attachment unless a courier account number is provided with the original request. The organizer is not able to contact Embassies in support of an individual attempting to gain entry to attend the meeting.

Because the application for a visa can be a lengthy process, we recommend that you start your visa application process as soon as you have been notified that your paper has been accepted. We also recommend that you secure your travel visa before registering for the symposium.

Information Visa :
Ministry of Foreign Affairs as follows :