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25 November 2016


Invited speakers for plenary talks

  • Guillaume Arthuis (BBRIGHT) - Laser projection
  • Detzel Thomas (INFINEON, Germany) - Comparing GaN and Si power devices
  • Debdeep Jena (Cornell University, USA) - Successes of Wide-Bandap Electronics, and Future Directions
  • Zlatko Sitar (NC SU, USA) - A path toward electrically injected AlGaN-based deep UV laser diodes
  • Martin Strasburg (OSRAM, Germany) - Solid State Lighting
  • Chris Van de Walle (UCSB, USA) - Wide-band-gap semiconductors: present and future

Invited speakers

  • Tetsuya Akasaka (NTT, Japan) - MOVPE growth of wurtzite BN-related alloys
  • Martin Albrecht (IKZ Berlin, Germany) - Polarity control in III- Nitrides
  • Eldad Bahat-Treidel (Ferdinand-Braun Institute, Germany) - Review of vertical GaN-based FETs
  • Bastien Bonef (UCSB, USA) - Atom probe tomography nanometer scale characterization of alloy fluctuations in ternary nitrides
  • Philippe Boucaud (Univiversité Paris Sud, France) - GaN-on-silicon integrated photonics for IR to visible light frequency conversion
  • Dunjun Chen (Nanjing University, China) - Polarization and energy-band engineering on AlGaN avalanche photodiodes
  • Benjamin Damilano (CRHEA, France) - Selective area sublimation : a top-down approach for the fabrication of InGaN/GaN nanostructures
  • Aurélien David (Soraa, USA) - Recombinations in high-efficiency III-Nitride LEDs: new insights
  • Martin Dawson (Strathclyde University, UK) - GaN micro-LED arrays for multi-Gb/s visible light communications
  • Aldo Di Carlo (Roma University, Italy) - "tittle to be defined"
  • Sergio Fernandez Garrido (PDI Berlin, Germany) - Self-induced growth of GaN nanowires in plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy: from dense to sparse nanowire ensembles
  • Yasufumi Fujiwara (Osaka University, Japan) - Current status of wavelength-stable red light-emitting diodes using Eu-doped GaN
  • Izabella Grzegory (Unipress, Poland) - GaN bulk crystallization by HVPE on ammonothermal seeds and some new approaches
  • Allen Hanson (Macom, USA) - "tittle to be defined"
  • Masataka Higashiwaki (NIICT, Japan) - Pursuing the Promise of Ultra-Wide-Bandgap Ga2O3 Power Device Technology
  • Evelyn Hu (Harvard University, USA) - "tittle to be defined"
  • Gwénolé Jacopin (EPFL, Switzerland) - Ultrafast spectroscopy of III nitride heterostructures under high injection: from fundamental properties to devices
  • Jose Jimenez (QORVO, USA) - Comparing both GaAs and GaN technologies for RF
  • Yoichi Kawakami (Kyoto University, Japan) - Impact of InGaN epitaxy lattice matched to ScAlMgO4 substrates on future photonic devices
  • Stacia Keller (UCSB, USA) - MOCVD of N-polar (Al,Ga,In)N heterostructures and their application in electronic devices
  • Harald König (Osram, Germany) - Status, Applications and Future Perspectives of Visible InGaN Lasers
  • Martin Kuball (University of Bristol, UK) - Latest Progress in the Non-destructive Optical Characterization of III-N Electronic Devices
  • Hans-Jürgen Lugauer (Osram, Germany) - Deep Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes: Requirements, Limitations and Possible Solutions
  • Kozo Makiyama (Fujitsu, Japan) - Advanced HEMTs and MMICs Technologies for Next Generation Millimeter-wave Amplifiers
  • Elison Matioli (EPFL, switzerland) - Nanoscale technologies for high-voltage GaN power devices
  • Zetian Mi (University of Michigan, USA) - AlGaN nanowire deep ultraviolet tunnel junction LEDs and laser diodes
  • Umesh Mishra (UCSB, USA) - "tittle to be defined"
  • Yasuyuki Miyamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) - High speed GaN HEMT for power electronics
  • Knut Müller Caspary (Bremen University, Germany) - Mapping of atomic electric fields and charge densities by four-dimensional STEM
  • Masahiro Murayama (Sony) - Watt-class Green (530 nm) and Blue (462 nm) Laser Diodes
  • Tohru Oka (Toyoda Gosei, Japan) - Current Status of Vertical GaN Power Devices on GaN Substrates
  • Narihito Okada (Yamaguchi University, Japan) - Overall Low dislocation density HVPE-grown GaN substrate and relation between curvature and defects
  • Rachel Oliver (Cambridge University, UK) - Advanced microscopy of InGaN/GaN heterostructures
  • Tomas Palacios (MIT, USA) - Vertical GaN Electronics
  • Julien Pernot (I. Néel-Grenoble, France) - Electrical transport properties of single nitride nanowires
  • Rüdiger Quai (Fraunhofer, Germany) - High-power microwave applications of GaN-AlGaN FETs on SiC and Si substrates for modern radio communication
  • Siddhart Rajan (Ohio St University, USA) - Vertical III-Nitride High Frequency Transistors
  • Joan Redwing (Penn State University, USA) - Graphene encapsulated growth of 2D nitrides
  • Patrick Ruther (University of Freiburg, Germany) - Implantable MEMS-based tools for optogenetics
  • Jim Speck (UCSB, USA) - Role of MBE in the Development of GaN Optoelectronics
  • Keith Strickland (Plessey, UK) - GaN on Silicon - Has it’s light gone out or will it shine brightly
  • Qian Sun (Sinano, China) - III-Nitride Laser Diode Directly Grown on Si
  • Tsuyoshi Takata (University of Tokyo, Japan) - Photocatalytic water splitting on (oxy)nitride semiconductors
  • Tetsuya Takeuchi (Meijo University, Japan) - GaInN vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with AlInN/GaN DBRs
  • Carol Trager Cowan (Strathclyde University, UK) - Novel SEM techniques for rapid structural characterisation of III-N films
  • Andreas Waag (Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany) - 3-dimensional GaN architectures with high aspect ratio: status, challenges, potential
  • George Wang (Sandia, USA) - Nanowires, Nanosheets, and Beyond: Three-Dimensional, High Aspect Ratio Nanostructures by Top-Down Etching of GaN
  • Jianfeng Wang (SINANO, China) - Low-dislocation Density and 6 Inch GaN Substrates Grown by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
  • Bernd Witzigmann (Kassel University, Germany) - Carrier Transport and Impurity Modeling in III-nitride LEDs
  • Thomas Wunderer (PARC, USA) - Towards e-beam pumped deep-UV lasers
  • Grace Xing (Cornell, USA) - Resonant Tunneling Diodes (RTDs): an elusive III-Nitride device
  • Atsushi Yamaguchi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan) - Carrier dynamics studies of III-nitride materials using photo-acoustic and photoluminescence measurements
  • Erin Young (UCSB, USA) - Tunnel junction contacts for high efficiency InGaN edge emitting lasers and VCSELS
  • Enrico Zanoni (University of Padova, Italy) - Reliability physics of GaN HEMTs for power switching applications: role of the gate structure